Apple Watch: Next Generation of Wearables

Considered as Apple’s most personal device ever, Apple Watch allows users to do every day things, more easily and conveniently. If you thought Apple Watch provides an easy way to check time, you are mistaken. Just take a look at features of Apple Watch.

With built-in sensors, you can keep a track of your body’s vitals such as heart rate. You can set up Apple Pay to make payment while on the go in an effortless manner. Users can also make and take phone calls, send and receive SMSs, chat with Siri, and send doodles to friends.

Apple is noted for coming up with path-breaking products that redefine lives of people. Apple Watch is one such revolutionary product. The company recently released watchOS 2, the second-generation operating system that makes its smartwatch user friendly and noteworthy. does popeyes take apple pay

Let’s have a look at some of the key features

Native Apps for Better Performance

So far one of the most annoying parts about Apple Watch is the inability to run third-party apps without an iPhone. With the launch of WatchOS 2, the frustration is set to change. Now apps will load quickly and run entirely on Apple Watch. WatchOS 2’s apps will provide truly native Apple Watch apps, as well as let developers take advantage of Digital Crown, microphone, Taptic engine and health sensors.

New Watch Faces

WatchOS 2 takes personalization to new heights. Now make new watch faces from photos or albums. You can also pick favorite image and set it as your default watch face or opt for a different image as watch face every time you raise your wrist. Apple watch users can also select from time-lapse videos shot over 24 hours in iconic locations around the world.


Developers can display data from their apps as ‘complications’ on the watch face. Once again Apple make communication much more interesting. Users can personalize watch and check out the most vital information that matters the most to user at any given point of time.

More choices, more interaction

WatchOS 2 redefines the way you express yourself or manage your time. Interactions come with more choices. WatchOS 2 lets you add multiple Friends screens which can contain up to 12 contacts. Apple Watch users can seamlessly add contacts on the watch, as well as organize friends into groups.

Apple Pay options

Apple Pay makes payments much more convenient and easy. Now you can quickly pay from your wrist as watchOS 2 moves to the new frontiers where you can add more store credit cards and reward cards.



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