Batman Archam Asylum Review

Batman Archam Asylum is a very fun and good looking game, rg3th you obviously play the character Batman in this game and batman also go by the name Bruce Wayne.

The game starts with you bringing joker your main enemy into Archam Asylum which is a maximum security prison on a island, just after a while joker escapes from his handcuffs and that is where your trouble starts by you trying to catch joker before he goes totally mad. v9slot

The developers of Batman Archam Asylum did an excellent job on the graphics of the game, they go in such detail where they show your suit getting damaged as you play that it would surprise you especially if you play the game on a HDTV. thetechboy

These developers also did a great job on Batman’s high tech suit it looks great and all his different weapons you use during the play of the game, plus you can upgrade everything you own in this game by that I mean all the weapons and even your suit can be upgraded so that you can work yourself a strategy out on which weapons you will use to take out your enemy or will you go with the old fashion beat down strategy. joker8899z

In the game you fight quite a variety of different enemies but mostly prisoners and big ugly monsters that are made so by the Joker, the Joker is not the man who would just fight you he would rather set up all kinds of traps as you would know if you watched the Batman movies with joker in. 123maxx

I will not spoil anything further for you I do not think I told you too much about the story line or any important parts in the game, I would say that this game is all the time worth playing it, it is a fun and challenging game to play and I would recommend playing it on the Xbox because it is more fun with that remote that on a keyboard and believe me when I say that because I played it both on PC and Xbox. ruay88



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