Along Came Baby, Teethers and All

When you are expecting a baby, it can be overwhelming to shop for everything that your baby will need. Buying tiny little outfits and decorating your baby’s nursery are definitely the most fun parts of preparing but they are only one step in the process.

For someone who will weigh less than 10 pounds at birth, they will need dozens of supplies to take care of them for their first year of life. If you can be fully prepared for your baby before they are born, that is one less thing to worry about after birth, and trust me – you’ll have enough to worry about. silicone teether

Some of your baby’s first needs are obvious: a place to sleep, clothes to wear and nappies to keep them clean. However, there may be items that you don’t even think about until you need them like baby nail clippers, mittens to keep them from scratching their faces and teething toys.

You may think your baby won’t need any toys in the beginning but some babies beginning teething as young as 2 months old! If you aren’t prepared with a teether then you will have no way to provide your baby with any relief. A teething baby won’t sleep, eat or act normally so you don’t want to delay in giving your baby something to chew on and soothe their gums.

There are teethers that are actual toys and there are teethers that can be frozen. While they both have their benefits, they both have a habit of disappearing. When baby gets bored of it, they will drop it on the floor whether you are at home or out and about. The next thing you know, your baby will be crying in pain and you won’t be able to find a teether to give them comfort.

To prevent this from ever happening, pick up a baby teething necklace instead. This necklace is worn around mum’s neck and is made of safe, chemical free beads. Your baby will never drop it or lose it and it will always be there when your baby needs it. Your baby will suck on your necklace anyway so you may as well make it safe and beneficial for them.

The beads are made of silicone so they won’t hurt your baby’s growing teething and the necklace will not break off in your baby’s mouth. Whether you are home on the couch or out at the store, your baby can chew on your necklace whenever their gums start to hurt them.



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