What Happens Inside a First Aid Education Class?

The Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 of the Australian Government promote the safety and health of workers at work. This act requires the employers to provide a secure and healthy working setting to every one of their employees. Subsequently, employers require their employees to endure first aid training as a type of compliance for this act. In case your employer just scheduled a first aid coaching class for the company and you are feeling nervous about this, then fret no longer, for the employer just has given you a life changing opportunity to empower yourself from emergency situations.

You may wonder: what happens in a first aid coaching class? Here are some pieces of valuable information that you may need to know in order for yourself to prepare. cpr course brisbane

Well first of all, your first aid instructor will teach you basic first aid skills for the most common emergency situations and incidents. Included in this are situations like victims suddenly losing consciousness while standing on the sidewalk, or the way to position a near-drowning sufferer inside a recovery position. You’ll be taught how to perform cardio pulmonary resuscitation for situations like a stroke and drowning. Aside from these, you’ll be taught how to overcome choking incidents in infants, children plus adults, from mild to severe cases. Lastly, you will be taught tips on how to react to victims in major casualties like shock, burns, skeletal injury and significant blood loss. Basic first aid training typically needs a one day session. After finishing the training, you will be given a qualification which can be renewable every year.

After having the basic first aid education you are able to move a notch higher and navigate to the Senior First aid level. The first aid instruction within this level deals with the prevention, identification and managing life threatening emergencies like burns, stings, electric shocks and poisonous bites. The course usually runs for just two days with one day devoted to doing theories and another day doing practical instruction with the lessons from the classroom. After completing the Senior First aid Program, you’ll be given a qualification that says you are a certified Senior First Aider already, and the certificate is renewable every 3 years. However, certification for CPR is renewable each year.

Attending first aid training class needs your full attention and 100% focus. The training could just be a requirement for work that your particular employer voluntarily sponsors but you need to please remember the lessons you will learn have a big effect on your well-being. Learning first aid and knowing the way to handle life-threatening situations shouldn’t be taken lightly and deserves your undivided attention. Therefore if you’re in the first aid training class, listen intently to the first aid coach, observe procedures on the way to give initial relief for injuries. Actively participate in practical demonstrations; this will allow you to have hands on experience which you’ll use when dealing with real life emergency situations.



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