Wigs For Hair Loss

Wigs perhaps have found their first usage in the Egyptian culture when the pharaohs used to wear them to cover their shaved heads from sun.

Through the annals of history, wigs are have been made from a variety of materials such as horse-hair, human hair, wool, feathers, buffalo hair, synthetic hair or wool. The choice of material really depends upon why it was made – for avante garde, fancy dress, red wig theatre or a natural appearance of hair.

Generally, the most popular reason for wearing a wig today is to cover baldness.Then next most popular usage would be amongst actors and models. Actors use wigs to help different characters and different looks. Models use wigs to enhance their appearance when their own hair insufficient. Where a model has fine hair, a wig is the perfect solution to create a thicker, fuller more voluminous and glamorous look. Without it, their hair would not suit the clothes or costume they are wearing. Thus a lady with fine and short hair can wear a wig to give her thicker and longer hair to create a glamourous look for the photo shoot or runway. Most people would be surprised how often wigs and extensions are used in the modeling and fashion industry.

Wigs also found royal usages in history. Queen Elizabeth I of England used to wear a red wig which was an integral part of her royal styling. King Louis XIII and King Louis XIV of France made wig wearing popular among men. In many commonwealth nations including Britain’s wigs are worn by judges and barristers wear wigs.



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