Pet Portraits – Money Well Spent

Pets light up our lives. Imagine how dull it would be not to have your adorable cat sleeping on your bed or not to have the dog’s wagging tail that tells you how much you are loved? We love our pets, we often spend money on the craziest things for them.

Pet Lovers Buy for Their Pets

Those of us who are pet lovers understand the money we ourselves spend on our pets. We choose to make the purchase. We have made the decision that it is worth the expense. However, we sometimes look at someone else and can’t believe that people would spend that much money on something so unnecessary. My opinion is different than yours and yours is different than the next guy’s. So – you may not be in agreement with me on this. Dog Portraits

These things a have seen spent on pets. I think these purchases are crazy.

  • Tooth cleaning and brushing- $190.00
  • Repairing a hip problem $4000
  • Fended in yard to keep Fido home $9000
  • Having nail covers put on claws to protect floors $120
  • Monthly grooming $40 each time
  • Cat furniture -up to $2000 for some
  • 6 month check up- $75.00 (do you take your self to the Dr. every 6 months for a check up?)
  • Raised bowls for proper eating posture- $35.00 (Dogs have been eating off the ground for 1000’s of years!)
  • Dog treats $9.99 for a large box (People treats are $3.29 a bag- not to mention my dog eats out of the litter box)
  • Dog bed-$30 and up. (I took the plunge and spent $30 on one. My dog sleeps on the floor next to his bed.)
  • Breath mints- (Did I mention my dog snacks out of the litter box?)

I could go on and on- but you get the idea. 

I think many people have just about everything they want in life so what do you get them when gift giving time arrives? You could select from the list above. But you never know if they already have those things…

Have you considered having a portrait done of one or several of their pets?

About Me:

I am passionate about animals and absolutely love to draw them. My favorite part to draw is the eyes. The sparkle in an animal’s eyes brings the drawing to life. Puppy’s eyes say- “love me”. A cat’s eyes say “I am in charge”. An owl’s eyes say “I’m smarter than you”. I have spent time drawing each of my pets and am thankful to have a special drawing, especially of the ones who have passed on. I can see their loving eyes even though they are no longer here.

Check out a few of the pet portraits [] online…also you can see some of my other art work.



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