Scanning Services Can Help Your Business Go Paperless and Improve Efficiencies

Is your business looking to reduce costs and improve efficiencies? Then consider how scanning services can help your operation.

Here’s a few key business benefits for scanning your documentation.

*Scanning services or digitising your documents can help free up valuable office space for your organisation, allowing you to re-use the area for core business activities. Think how many filing cabinets are taking up your office space? Are they full of old archives, which are never really used or accessed any more? How many desks do you think you could fit into that area? Office space is costly, so this should be reviewed regularly. If you could fit in an extra 5 workstations, by scanning your documents or storing your documents offsite, this could potentially save you approximately £1000 per month in additional office costs. 3d scanning service

*Once you’ve scanned your documents, you’ll be able to find your information faster, using simple keyword retrieval from your desktop. Helping to improve customer service response rates and reporting. Most bureaus use OCR technology, to allow documents to be searched by keyword. This can help reduce time spent searching and retrieving documents.

*Your documents will be digitally protected and secured. Imagine what would happen to your business if you suffered a fire or flood. How long would it take you to build up your paper information again and how much would it cost your business?

Key questions to ask when investigating a scanning services bureau are:-

1. How do you store my documents whilst at your premises? Professional bureaus offer argon gas protection, enhanced fire detection, biometric finger print entry, disclosure checked employees and Redcare security systems.

2. Do you offer scanning preparation services, where all staples and paper clips will be removed?

3. How will you index my documents?

4. What resolution will my documents be scanned in? Can you scan a batch sample of my documents, so I can see the quality? adhd wisconsin

5. Will you be able to securely dispose my documents confidentially after scanning? Is this completed at your site, or outsourced to a third party?

6. Do you offer secure archive storage for my documents following the scanning process?

7. I don’t want all my document scanned at once. I’d like to store them offsite and scan/retrieve them as and when I require. Do you offer a scan on demand service?



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