Harnessing Solar Energy to Power Your Home

Today’s solar technology using photovoltaic (PV) panels was originally developed over 30 years ago for the space program. For years, the high cost of these PV panels made it impractical for most homeowners to take advantage of solar power. However, prices on solar panels have fallen dramatically over the last few years mainly because the price of polycrystalline silicon has also dropped. Polycrystalline silicon is the main raw material that is used to produce PV panels. With the cost of solar panels falling, creative financing plans, and government incentives, switching to solar is becoming a much more attractive option for many homeowners. haltonmachining

Although solar panel installations doubled in the United States last year, there are only enough solar panels currently installed to power about 600,000 homes. This is about the same number of homes that are powered by one large coal-fired plant. To make a real impact on the environment, more need to be installed.

Even though the percentage of homes currently using solar power is small, the potential of solar power is great. Our sun generates more solar energy in one hour than we could use in one year. We just need to start harnessing it.

The sun is capable of providing limitless, abundant, and clean energy. Besides being a clean energy alternative, there are many other benefits to switching to solar power. Solar panels are easy to install and maintain. They don’t have any moving parts. Because of their modular design, solar panels can be installed near where people are going to use the power and help reduce or eliminate the costs of moving power through a grid. wrdesignprint

Today’s solar panels are smaller, more efficient, and better looking. They are designed to blend into the roof so that you don’t even notice that solar panels have been installed. The cost to install residential solar systems has fallen approximately 40% in the last year. Once your initial installation cost is recouped, your energy savings will really start to add up. There are truly no restrictions on how much energy you can generate from sunlight. By adding solar panels to your home, you are also increasing your home’s resale value. For more info please visit these sites :- https://www.dkproducts.biz

Do you think that you live in a state where you can’t generate enough solar energy to make it worth your while? Consider this; Germany is the global leader in generating solar power using PV panels. California has the potential to generate 70% more solar power than Germany, and all of the states in the U.S. (except Alaska) have better sun exposure than Germany. So you can see, the United States has the potential to generate more solar power than they can use. More people just need to decide to make the switch to solar.



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