5 Ad Networks for Your Blog

One of the primary reasons most people blog using ad networks is to earn money. While there can be many other ways to earn money with your blog, bloggers/publishers instead prefer using the most popular ad network online. There are really thousands of other advertising networks out there for you to choose from. Of course, you should consider only those that perform well, offer high CPCs, track on real-time clicks and pay just in time with minimum payout. Below are a few of the genuine, tried and tested ad publishing networks for you to monetize your blog: fusionblog

First, AdSense is considered by most website owners and bloggers as the best advertising network. It will display contextual adverts, which gets you more clicks, on your blog. AdSense, which offers market-best CPCs, will pay you the most for each ad click displayed on your blog. Additionally, when you already earned $100, which is the payout threshold, you can then instantly withdraw it. Although AdSense has very strict policies, a good website will easily get approved by Google AdSense. omegawriter

Second, Chitika offers geo-targeted advertisements and is considered the best AdSense alternative. It shows alternative adverts in case none of the advertisements in its inventory match your website. Chitika says that it places 4 billion advertisements per month on more than 200,000 websites and specializes in geo-targeting, local and mobile ads. Hence, if you do not have traffic from the US or Canada then you should not bother using Chitika. It does not want traffic from foreign countries because of high click frauds and low payouts

Third, InfoLinks is an in-text ad network and works on script loads when your site is opened. With its proprietary algorithms, it matches adverts with your impact keywords in targeted geographical regions. Additionally, it matches contextually relevant keywords, pulls related adverts using full page analysis and automatically highlights keywords accordingly. It offers a decent click through rate (CTR) and click per cost (CPC) as other major ad networks.

Fourth, Kontera is a CPC-based advertising network but it does not offer text or banner ads like Chitika, Google AdSense, etc. Instead, it is an in-text ad solution where it shows only ads when your visitors point on highlighted keywords. When your webpage loads, the small script placed on your blog connects automatically with Kontera. When your visitors point on the highlighted keywords on your blog, an ad will show and once clicked, you get paid. With Kontera, you do not need extra space because it shows within your web contents. For more info please visit these sites :- https://bbcblogging.com/

Fifth, Tribal Fusion works on click-per-mille (CPM) system, that is, you get paid for every 1,000 views. If you have a very popular site that gets a minimum of 500,000 unique visitors per month, you should sign up for Tribal Fusion. This ad network comes recommended by a few top bloggers. If you as a publisher or blogger who meets TF’s rigorous requirements and standards, it will provide you with the best ad eCPM rates and on-time payment.

These are just some of the best ad networks so far: AdSense is the best network for placing text or banner ads; Chitika if you have US/Canada traffic, Kontera or InfoLinks for in-text ad solutions, and Tribal Fusion if your blog is a very popular site.



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