NuLegacy Review – What is All the Hype About NuLegacy? Fraud Or Legit?

NuLegacy is a company that was launched in 2007, by Dr. Devin Holland and specializes in relationship marketing. There has been much speculation and hype over this company, specifically due to the attention of it’s primary product, the NuLegacy RX Card. In this NuLegacy Review, I will provide information that may assist you in becoming familiar with NuLegacy and will clarify whether or not it is a full-proof business opportunity that can offer huge earning potential. knowledgehype

As with any company they have a mission statement, which is to “help make prescription drugs more affordable for every American by giving them our discount program absolutely free.”

In my recent analysis and research of this company I have learned that it’s NuLegacy RX Card promises savings of up to 75% at over 56,000 pharmacies. It even links pharmacy chains into a common and consistent discount program, which has proven to allow their company to grow on a consistent basis. gossipcare

To use the NuLegacy Rx Card you will have to First take your membership card with you to a participating pharmacy and present it to the pharmacist. Next, the pharmacist will enter your identification number printed on your card into the online computer system and the NuLegacy Rx prescription discount prices will be accessed. Your actual cost will be the contract price, or the pharmacy’s usual and customary charge that day, whichever is lower.

So, you must wondering, is this a Scam or legit?…

As I look back from what I and many other critics and competitors have learned, it is clear that NuLegacy has a Unique and powerful product in it’s NuLegacy RX Card. It has strong leaders in Dr. Devin Holland, President and Founder of NuLegacy, Sheri Holland, Vice-President and Founder, and Jeff Cosgrove, V.P. of New Business Development. Their Leadership and expertise combined with such a Unique, Innovative, and Valuable product produces a formula that is Unbreakable and yells out SUPERIOR POTENTIAL. Thus far, NuLegacy has made quite a name for itself and gained the respect and Trust of many of its customer, clients and even its competitors.

Okay, but can I really make money with NuLegacy?

Yes. They provide Reps who are interested and willing to offer you NuLegacy products or even work with you to build a business list. But you need to focus on 2 things. First you need to get the cards out in masses. They suggest that you get 5000 cards out in your first 30 days, which equates to about 22 locations. And second you need to develop a team and sponsor a couple of people right away. By taking action on completing these 2 things you will be earning money.

Sound simple?…I think not. However, it is my duty and responsibility to advise you that with the proper training and knowledge of MARKETING, there is NO Possible way for you to not to reach the success you have in mind. There is simply no way. By disregarding NuLegacy’s Ancient direct marketing and dreaded cold calling techniques and applying INNOVATIVE strategies you will see endless leads and customers, which means limitless Sales and basically, UNLIMITED Profit potential.

But, you must remember why your doing this business in the fi st place. You are in it to make a PROFIT and to obtain the Financial FREEDOM that you know is Possible. This is your main aim and goal. For more info please visite Here:- odorix

So, with Your CLEAR plan and focus, you must KNOW that Traditional Marketing methods won’t cut it. The age of TECHNOLOGY has arrived and is where the REAL Money is being made. You better REALIZE this NOW or just move aside and WITNESS the abundance of Wealth being obtained by people with desires and dreams just like you.

Sonam Lama is a full time Internet Marketer who’s partner, Chris Farrell, is making over $27,000 every month.

Chris began online in February 2008.

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