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Global Positioning Systems have certainly come a long way since the Cold War era. Today, figuresmagazine GPS systems are in our cars, bicycles, and people even have portable GPSs for hiking. In fact GPS in our daily lives is so pervasive, that even the U.S. Congress is trying to figure out what it can do about personal privacy, and they believe GPS is very much a part of that personal privacy challenge. commitmagazine

After all if most of the electronic personal tech devices like iPads, iPhones, and smart phones all have GPS type systems in them, or use a similar strategy triangulating off of cell phone towers, then everyone’s personal location is recorded at all times. If you’d like to learn more about all commercial applications, military applications, and government applications of GPS then there is a magazine I’d highly to recommend to you. The name of the magazine is; youngmagazines

GPS World Magazine, Published by Questex Media Group LLC, Santa Ana CA.

In this issue you will find all the people who are leaders in the field, and what they have to say about the future of GPS. You will occasionally find historical articles, so you can understand how we got here. There are also occasional technical articles, and full on research papers. And there are stories that are unique to each industry in every  magazine. leadersmagazine

GPS World Magazine gives you insight into the future of these technologies, and allows you to understand how much we rely on GPS in our society and civilization. You will also learn about the challenges with solar flares, and what new satellite systems are doing to prepare for such a disruption, as well as new strategies that are being used and developed by the military, which will lead to future transportation, communication, and a host of other commercial applications. For more info please visit these sites:-

Once again, I highly recommend that you take this magazine; GPS World Magazine, and read many of the good articles each month, while scanning through it to see if there are any job opportunities, new University research, or watch how the advances in personal technology is taking full advantage of global positioning system future concepts. Please consider all this.



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