World’s Most Romantic Hotels

As it is known, vacation is inseparably linked to romance. Of course, we go in search of extreme sensations from time to time, but more often, when disappearing for a while from the habitual city’s atmosphere and from the tense way of life, we dream to plug in a quite comfortable and lyrical atmosphere, tennis class Singapore especially if we are not doing that alone, but in the company of our beloved.

Recently the company Five Star Alliance, that is dealing with the reservations for the highest class hotels, has published the list of “the most luxurious hotels in the world”, which is annually made on the base of employees’ observations, clients’ recalls and hotels popularity ratings. The Five Star Alliance, that is specialized in luxurious hotels only, includes in its daily lists only “la crème de la crème” which means “the cream of society” in plain English.

Basing on objective and subjective opinions The Five Star Alliance pointed out the group of the most glamorous romantic hotels of the year 2007. The hotels were not given any kind of places, the company just listed the ones that are the most proper for the rest of couples in loved.

One of the most surprising hotels that were included in the list, “la Casa Que Canta” is situated in Playa la Ropa in Mexico. This water-locked place commands a screamingly beautiful view, especially if you have reserved a room of the ocean front. Two water pools of the resort are considered the most elegant pools in the world. For example, one of them verges on the Zihuantanejo Gulf, and you get the impression that it just flows out of a huge water space. The hotel’s clients can enjoy the golf, tennis, diving, fishing and many other aquatics and also the best Spa, excellent food, perfect service and extraordinary landscapes.

If you want to have a vacation in the middle of palm oasis and olive trees the best thing is to do it in Moroccan hotel Amajena, situated in Marrakesh named “red city”. The hotel design reminds Arabian ancient clay buildings. The fountains made of marble, emerald roofs, a huge water pool and well-tended grass plots plug you into the atmosphere of the XVI century, but the symphony of modern facilities and Arabian magnificence turn the vacation into essential happiness.

The rest in Italy still attracts many romantics. According to Five Star Alliance La Sirenuse, which turned from the castle into the luxurious hotel in 1951 is considered the best hotel of the south of Italy. There are two bars, a large heated water pool, 63 rooms with Jacuzzi and seascape in it.
This hotel situated in Positano city 7 kilometres away from the famous Sorrento presents its clients with real romance.

The Singapore Raffles is also listed there. The great hotel having 108 rooms, 18 restaurants and bars, world-class Spa represent a whole lifestyle conception. The hotel houses its clients only in the most luxurious rooms, wine and dine with excellent products.
There is a museum and a theatre inside, but the magnificence of court and gardens spreading on the whole area of the hotel enslave your soul.

Traditionally Paris has been considered the city of lovers. But in Nice your vacation will be much more romantic. According to the Five Star Alliance opinion, the best place to have a rest in France should be the hotel Le Palais de la Mediterannee. This elegant and luxurious hotel, built in 1929 has its own beach, smoke-island heated water pool, Finnish and Turkish bath, fitness-centre, casino and shops. The hotel, built in ancient style is conferred the status of historic building. Recently it has been completely renewed and became a more comfortable place. By the way, a ski resort is situated an hour away.



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