Safety First – Locked and Unloaded

Firearms in the household are an age-old American tradition. Indeed, mostori the right to bear arms is a critical part of our Constitution. More than 50% of U.S. households have at least one firearm, often purchased for protection. Whatever the reason for ownership, safety is a top priority. Did you know that a gun in your household is 43 times more likely to injure or even kill a family member than an intruder? Firearm injuries are among the leading causes of death in children, including accidental shootings, suicide and murder.

To prevent a tragedy, it is important to educate everyone in the household about gun safety. Pediatricians regularly question parents about guns in the household – more than 40% of U.S. households with guns also have children. The American Society of Pediatrics even provides safety guidelines in its “Keep Your Family Safe From Firearm Injury” program. The safest route of all is not to allow firearms in your house, For more info please visit these sites:- particularly handguns.

But many households have multiple guns. Perhaps someone in the family collects firearms or enjoys target shooting. Or maybe the family has inherited Grandpa’s collection of shotguns and hunting rifles. Kids are kids – a hidden gun will soon be found. And even children familiar with gun safety can make mistakes. Make sure your child or children understand that a gun is not a toy. Teach children not to handle a gun unless in the presence of an adult. A good rule of thumb that even the smallest child can understand: Never point a gun at another human being unless you intend to shoot and kill them.

It is critical to safely store all weaponry and ammunition. Store guns and ammunition separately, and lock them up. Storage chests, locking and trigger locks are among the options. Local sporting good stores or gun dealers offer utilitarian options. For those seeking to safely and stylishly display gun collections, check with local furniture stores or online for everything from simple cases to handcrafted Amish gun cabinets. Look for sturdy construction along with locking doors and drawers.



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